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How car title loans work

FAQ- car title loans for the residents of san jose.

Q: What is a Car Title Loan?

Also called a pink slip loan, it is where we trade you for your car’s title and we give you money. This loan does not affect your credit rating for better or worse.

Q: I’ve Got Bad Credit Can I Still Get a Loan?

Yes! In fact, we won’t ask you anything about your credit rating or run a credit check.

Q: Wait, I Have to Give Up My Car?

No! Don’t be misled. We are not a pawn shop, we will not hold on to your property. We want you to use your car. Life can be difficult without enough cash, how could we take your car away as well?

Q: How Much Can I Get?

The great part is the only factor of your car title loan is your car. We evaluate its worth based on the Kelly Blue Book to create the fairest base line for all customers. That value we give you in cash and you give us your car’s title. Our loans can run anywhere from $2,600 up to $20,000.

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