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Milpitas Auto Title Loans for Bad Credit Applicants

Fast Loan Approvals & Flexible Loan Repayment Plans

Car Title Loans in Milpitas are here to serve the men and women of  Milpitas and those in Santa Clara County who need loans which are low rate, are provided quickly and hassle free and are available to one and all, with no barriers to people turned away by banks and other loan companies. All that is needed is that you own a car!  These loans can be for any amount between $2501 and $20,000 – all depending on the Kelley Blue Book value of the car concerned.

Loan by Phone or Online – All Certified & Legal!

The experience of the many people in Milpitas who have benefited from Car Title Loans, has shown that we are serious and well organised. Getting a loan is really easy: you make a call to Car Title Loans San Jose CA, answer a few simple questions about the car, its make and model, and then receive an approval. You then drive down to our offices, fill in a form and drive back in next to no time with your check. That’s right – you keep the car while the loan is being repaid.

Good Credit/ Low Credit/ Bad Credit/ Poor Credit/

No Credit? No Problem! We Accept All!

Don’t worry that something you have done in the past to stain your credit record will count against you now. If you can show that you own the car, you should be in line for an instant  cash boost.

So don’t wake up in Milpitas screaming with fright

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