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Car Title Loans Salinas

Accepting All Applicants with Friendly Service

If you are looking for credit with bad credit you may feel like you have limited options, but at Salinas Car Title Loans we can provide you with the answer to your stress. We provide loans of $2,501 to $20,000 for any applicant with a valid car title. Servicing Salinas, we can offer loans to applicants with good credit or bad credit, no credit score or poor credit history. We will not take into account if you are employed with regular income or are self-employed; if you are unemployed or your income is from a source such as disability income.

Let Us Do the Worrying

Car Title Loans Salinas will base the exact loan amount we offer on the market value of your vehicle. Let us worry about the condition of your vehicle and your equity in it. All you need to worry about is having a current car title. If all your documents are in order we will become the new lienholder of your vehicle, but you will be able to continue driving your vehicle while you are paying back the loan.

Fast Service with a Reliable Company

If you are looking for an emergency cash solution, Car Title Loans Salinas offers a safe and reliable service. We are fully legal and can match any rate you receive from a competitor. Our friendly team is flexible and responsive and can work to find the best low rate loan solution for you. If you have all of your paperwork with you and it is all valid, you can have the cash in as little as one hour, giving new meaning to the concept of emergency cash.

Speak to our financial experts to organize your low rate loan or apply for your car title loans online.