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Car Title Loans in San Jose CA

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In Southern California my car is my life; I live, sleep, and eat out of it. When I heard that I could still get a car title loan without giving up my car I called them right away to find out more. They were helpful and fast. Within an hour of hanging up I left with both my car and cash. Bob Stevens, San Jose.

The entire process was lighting fast. All they needed was my car’s make and model. An hour later they gave me cash! The bank had dozens of forms to sign, the process just dragged on. Not with San Jose Car Title Loans. When I hung up the phone, I knew I was getting my cash. Fastest same day cash! Jake Hernandez, Santa Clara

Paying my rent that first summer I was on my own was difficult enough. Rent day was coming up for my second month living by myself. Without San Jose Car Title Loans I would have been screwed. They were able to set me up with a cash advance that would not put be back too much. Thanks San Jose Car Title Loans! Mark L., Campbell

I needed money to fly cross country to be with my mother. She was going through a difficult time and I wanted to be there with here. I don’t have money laying around for such an expense. But with San Jose Car Title Loans I was able to take out a small loan with low interest rates. They set up a payment plan that was a pleasure to pay back. The best part is my mother is doing fine and I got to spend time with her. Tracy G.,San Jose

My husband and I have never needed a loan before and our credit was non-existent. We wanted more cash for our summer vacation, but didn’t want to pay outrageous fees. San Jose Car Title Loans was able to give us low rates and an easy repayment plan. It was the best vacation ever! We want to do the same thing next summer! Janet Family, San Jose

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